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your clinical trials

Our database-driven software platform generates the realistic synthetic health data you need in order to test your data handling systems and processes for any clinical trial.

than existing
synthetic data

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created for active clinical trials

The synthetic health data TrialTwin™ provides is fully realistic and scientifically accurate, not simply random, but it never comes from real patients. Our data serves as a foolproof basis on which to test and re-test your clinical trials.

We help medical device and pharmaceutical companies meet the regulatory requirements for systems validation and verification more quickly, easily and reliably. Our synthetic health data ensures all systems and processes are fully tested before going into production.

Simulate your clinical trials and data handling processes before First Patient In. Easily and reliably accommodate any protocol changes after a trial has been launched. We offer unrestricted synthetic data at scale and at speed.


Because TrialTwin™ synthetic data never comes from real-life patients, there are no privacy or copyright constraints on its use or safeguarding. In addition, our data encompasses most domains of the CDISC SDTM standard, and is fully compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, and other relevant legislation and regulation.


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We aim to use our expertise to improve and enhance the world of software and I.T. in the life sciences. Our work in the pharmaceutical space is already progressively optimizing and improving processes among some of the largest and leading names in the industry.


Our team of dedicated in-house developers and experts are led by an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit. At TrialTwin™ we all share a passion for the business of software and I.T. in the pharmaceutical field and for using these to make the world a better place. We are agile, efficient, adaptable, and responsive to our customers.


We are pioneering a new standard in reducing clinical trial building time, automating CRF validation and verification, stress-testing your internal tools and systems, and emulating real-world data in our synthetic health data, for the purpose of testing clinical trials.


Our in-house team will be delighted to give you an in-depth view of the power and capabilities of the TrialTwin platform.