Our Platform

Synthetic data

At TrialTwin™ we generate synthetic health data to speed up and simplify the clinical development process, from the planning phase through FPI to trial completion. This enables better trial design, faster study start-up, and easy adaptation to protocol changes mid-trial.


In our pipeline

NIHPO’s long-term goal is to build a “Clinical Trial Composer.”

This will be a desktop application where users will be able to “compose” a Clinical Trial just like a musician composes a song, or a movie director edits raw video footage, on their desktops.

Musicians use sophisticated GUIs to lay tracks, edit sequences and audio samples, and then to generate the finished product. We wonder why not using the same mental model for “composing” (adding, editing, aligning, testing, outputting) all the elements of a (synthetic) clinical trial?

The Clinical Trial Composer will enable any staff role (from a market-focused analyst to a data-focused statistician) to quickly and easily define, create, and use synthetic health data. Either instead of or as a placeholder until real data is available. From the user’s desktop, without IT involvement.

Following, there are some of our pipeline products:


Our in-house team will be delighted to give you an in-depth view of the power and capabilities of the TrialTwin platform.