The first stage in the platform allows users to generate synthetic persons (SynthPerson™) with a complete demographic profile for each SynthPerson™. The platform can generate large numbers of records with user-defined parameters such as:
  • age range (minimum and maximum ages)
  • gender distribution (percentages of Female / Male records)
  • race distribution (Black, Hispanic, White, other)
  • geographical distribution by country and province / state (including place of birth, place of residence) defined using real locations that includes Latitude and Longitude for GIS uses (SynthCity™). We use US Locations and World Locations data from the US government.
  • realistic, yet synthetic full name
Think of the platform as a tool that helps users to generate “synthetic cohorts” on demand. At the end of this stage the user will have files with hundreds (or hundreds of thousands) of synthetic individuals. The synthetic person output is available in different file formats: CSV, JSON, and/or SQLite.


Our in-house team will be delighted to give you an in-depth view of the power and capabilities of the TrialTwin platform.