Belfast was the last PHUSE 2022 event but by no means the least important: it saw more than 620 attendees, 33 exhibitors, and more than 150 sessions, helping to create yet more valuable connections across our global healthcare data science community.

This #EUConnect event enjoyed the attendance of participants with a great variety of profiles: from directors and executives to statisticians, computer scientists, consultants, data scientists and analysts, from biostatisticians to technology managers, to database and software engineers. All were here to contribute and share their knowledge across fields ranging from data visualization, real-world evidence, machine learning and connected health, coding tips & tricks, analytics and statistics, and application development.

A rich array of presentations was combined with many exhibitors’ commercial proposals of valuable new state of the art products, with demos and information on offer to all attendees.


Among the many exhibitors with products and technologies on offer, we at TrialTwin™ presented the latest in our tools and new functionality:

  • How our technologies generate new realistic synthetic datasets as many times as needed
  • How TrïalTwïn™ offers a simple, user-friendly interface which can be quickly applied to the task of customizing your mock data.
  • How our tools enable multiple iterations of testing which wouldn’t otherwise be possible, and help you adapt quickly to changes mid-trial

We at TrïalTwïn™ also shared our ambitious plans for the future of our synthetic health data platform, culminating in our three levels of healthcare prediction tools, which we’ll be presenting and explaining this further at the upcoming PHUSE US Connect 2023 in Orlando.


All this and more was accomplished with an eco-friendly perspective, thanks to PHUSE Go Green, a PHUSE initiative and commitment to curtailing the community’s impact on the environment, striving towards integrating greener practices across PHUSE, through improved waste management and recycling.

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