March 5 – 8 2023


Probably a lot has changed from the first PHUSE event at Heidelberg in 2005.

For us, this is our first USConnect and the highlights couldn’t be better: 650+ attendees, around 40 exhibitors and 170 sessions to create the most innovative trade show content.

There is much more behind the #USConnect hashtag. We met a wide variety of profiles: directors, statisticians, computational scientist, consultants, data scientists, data analysts, biostatisticians, programmers, technology managers, software engineers and DDBB, directors, VPs among others to share healthcare challenges and make a better future for life sciences.

Pharma, CRO, software, regulators and other type of companies presented their newest solutions.


Wrapped with our all-new brand image, we presented how our technology generates new realistic synthetic datasets as many times as needed.

Through a simple, user-friendly interface which can be quickly used to customize your mock data! Enabling multiple iterations of testing which wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

And also, for the very first time and In line with our commitment to the PHUSE community, we presented two papers:

In these presentations we were able to show the benefits of not only the use of synthetic data but also other tools such as the Trial Designer.

You can download them here.

And again, thank you to everyone that passed by our booth to connect with us and to know more about TrialTwin™.


And all this within eco-friendly perspective: thanks also for PHUSE Go Green, a PHUSE commitment with the environment, striving towards integrating greener practices to reduce negative environmental impact through waste management and recycling.