TrïalTwïn - Simulation of Clinical Trials

NIHPO’s TrialTwin™ platform is a “No Code”, integrated, centralized trial simulation and validation solution. TrialTwin™ generates customized, realistic and scientifically-accurate Synthetic Health Data. This synthetic data accelerates the development and validation of clinical trial software and processes.

TrialTwin™ gives sponsors total control over the ingestion, storage, and processing of their study data. Sponsors can now easily switch vendors (EDC, CROs, labs, etc.).

The TrialTwin™ Platform helps all staff roles at life sciences companies to reduce the time it takes to

  • design,

  • develop,

  • test,

  • validate, and

  • obtain regulatory approval for

new drugs and medical devices.

Current State

  • Multiple data transcoding processes

  • Very labor intensive, requiring custom scripts

  • Different data consumers see data at different times

  • Difficult to run early test and validation of data analysis


With TrialTwin

  • Eliminate data transcoding processes

  • Reduce labor intensive processes, no custom scripts

  • All data consumers access updated data at same time

  • Run test and validation of data analysis before First Patient In


TrialTwin Video

This video describes the TrialTwin platform in detail.

Additional Videos

For background please watch this YouTube video for details on NIHPO’s concept of Software-defined Reality™

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